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  • Chrysalis- a huge winter workshop weekend with Leslie Inman

Chrysalis- a huge winter workshop weekend with Leslie Inman

  • 20 Mar 2015
  • 6:00 PM
  • 22 Mar 2015
  • 5:00 PM
  • The Belly Lab, 196 1st Street, Taylor's Falls, MN
REGISTER for a full-on workshop weekend retreat in Taylors Falls, MN.

Winter is the time to cocoon, to create, to perfect your art - and where better to do that than the belly dancer's paradise of The Eye, the home of The Belly Lab? And - who's a better winter motivator and teacher, to get your butt moving and your sights set higher than LESLEY INMAN? Yep. Pretty much the winter event to be at in order to move your dance forward that next step this season.

Friday, March 20 is the big performance! If you'd like to perform, get in early! 20 tickets available - purchase now here: http://www.boldoracle.com/register-for-chrysalis---a-workshop-weekend-retreat-with-lesley-inman.html

2 hours – Sat am


We’re kicking off this weekend’s intensive with a foundational workshop on movements and drilling. During this time we’ll building a common vocabulary and expanding movements you already may know. We’ll then take these movements and begin drilling them effectively to work on endurance, speed (slow or fast!), layering and combining of movements. The workshop will a short muscle opening sequence. It is recommended you do some warm-up on arrival just to make sure we don’t have a blow out during class! We’ll then dive into more theoretical work and eventually sweating our buns off. You will want to bring a yoga mat, water bottle (with water!), strap and towel. We will be sweating.

2 hours – Sat pm


Creating your own form of combinations allows every dancer to expand their own dance vocabulary and have movements in their back pockets for creating choreographies or performing improve. In this workshop, we’ll be diving into a creative process used by a variety of dance styles in creating movement combinations. We’ll being the workshop taking the movements we already learned in the morning and adding in defined arm patterns, foot patterns and travelling patterns which we can use. With all this technical material, it is now time to create. With all this foundational information, we’ll begin working on creation and at times maybe destroying what we’ve already been doing. This will be an exercise not only for your body (what can it really do) but your mind as well because we will learn in this workshop how much our mind can be our biggest hurdle to creativity. We’ll then be working in groups with our new combinations to build it even more with dance motifs allowing us to vary something simple to something even more lovely. By the end of this workshop, each participant will have created a named combination (8-16 counts) PLUS a 32 count varying combination. Please bring a notebook and pen/pencil for this workshop

1 hour – Sat chat


In this hour we open up the floor for questions that have been burning for you. You can ask questions from the events of the past day as well as things which are not covered in the workshops. This is your chance to get these driving questions answered.

2 hour – Sun am


Like Sammy Davis Jr and other tap dancers, belly dance is really about expressing the music and feelings with your body. In this workshop, we’ll talk through a plethora of methods to varying a core movement to really extract the emotion or music as you the artist see fit. We’ll be playing with a variety of shimmies, puffs, whiffs, ticks, pops and locks. We’ll also play with the magic of contrasting slinky with hard popping. Finally, we’ll play with the ultimate way to bring music to your expression; zills! We’ll be utilizing zills in a simple capacity with our movements to become familiar with these lovely instruments. We will also talk about how to bring your zills into your dance more and more advanced concepts for application. Please make sure to bring a towel and zills. Zills will be on hand if you do not have any. We will be doing some drilling and sweating is allowed.

1 hour 12:30-1:30 chat


Over lunch we’ll be talking about steps and activities you can take home and apply to building your own dance practice. The workshop will begin with a quick questionnaire to help you understand where you are as a dancer and what your personal goals are. Each dancer will be in a different place and want different things from their dance; with that means different methods will work better for others. We’ll then dive into practices which can be used to help you and even discuss methods you may use as you progress and continue to grow in your practice. Please bring a notebook and pen/pencil. You will be going home with some goals established and some ideas of activities you can add to your dance to make you stronger.

2 hours – Sun pm


In this final workshop of the weekend, we reach the pinnacle of where we as artists aspire; creating a choreography. Now that our brains have been working on technical application, we drop it all to get creative. We’ll go back to the music and talk through how pieces are built. We’ll discuss group dynamics on the stage and how where you stand or a group is broken up, delivers a different message. We’ll also talk through improv and how these techniques can still be applied. We’ll be ending off the weekend with some small choreography creations to take home and expand on your own time.

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