Performer Information - Guild Show 2017



  Thanks for your interest and see you at the show!


  • ·     The deadline for receiving your music is March 20. (either emailed to: or mailed to:  Guild of Oriental Dance, PO Box 6705, Minneapolis, MN 55406). If your music has not been received by this date, you will be removed from the line-up.
    • ·         The time limit of 8 minutes will be strictly enforced. If your music is longer than this, you will be asked to shorten it and resubmit (music must be resubmitted BEFORE the deadline).
    • ·         The deadline for becoming a Guild member is March 20. If you are not a Guild member by that date, you will be removed from the line-up. (Groups: ALL members of the group must be Guild members by this date! If someone is not a member, you will be given the option of removing that person from the performance or withdrawing the group from the show.)
    • ·         Lights are very basic- the stage lights will turn on and off- that is all. Please do not ask for special lights, such as a spotlight at a certain point, or certain colors, etc- we do not have that capability.
    • ·         In order to keep a 2-hour show length, each show will consist of approximately 85 minutes of performances. Once both shows have reached performer capacity, a waiting list will be established. It’s first-come, first-served for performance slots, so get your registration in!
    • FAQs
    • What time do I have to be there?
    • All performers need to arrive by 6:00 at the latest. You may arrive as early as 5:30.
    • I'm in the second half; do I still need to arrive by the Call time?
      Yes, absolutely. There will be an all-performer meeting at 6:10 with information that you need to hear.

    • If I am in the show do I still need a ticket to watch?
    • If you want to sit in the house, then you must have a ticket. We will have an area for dancers to watch the half that you are not in. You must be in the Green Room at least two numbers before your piece.

      Are there any special items I should bring?
      Safety pins, makeup, and a cover-up to wear over your costume

      What if I have an emergency the day of the show?
      Please call Barb Fulton at 763-229-7801 and let us know what is happening.


*When you are in the Green Room, you should be stage ready.
*Be stage ready in the Green Room two numbers before yours. Be ready to set yourself one number before.
*Wait to go into the wings until the Stage Manager directs you to do so. Do not talk. Do not stand where the house can see you. Be careful of any stage equipment when moving backstage. As you exit the stage, tell the Stage Manager if you dropped anything.
*After your number and the lights go to black, there is some residual light. If you end on stage, wait until it is completely dark. Typically, the lights will come up briefly between numbers.
*Actual stage space is much smaller than the floor space. Only a portion of the stage is lit well enough to be seen (and appreciated).


Call: The time you need to be at the theater before the show starts. For our shows, “call” is one hour before the show. That applies to everyone in the show, no matter where they are in the lineup.

Backstage: The Green Room and the Dressing Room

Onstage: This includes any performing space, whether there are wings or not.

Wings: Those big black panels (flats) that separate the performers from the audience as they are about to perform.

Scrim: Big backdrop that spans the back of the stage.

Spike: The mark on the floor that glows briefly after the lights go down. Used to set props and locate yourself relative to the lights.

Up stage: As you are standing on stage, facing the audience, it is behind you. (Previously, stages
actually sloped.)
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