1:00-3:00 Instructor: Christy Spillman-George

Topic: Bollywood and Beyond: A Crash Course in Everything Bollywood
Description: Have you ever been invited to an Indian Wedding, or watched a Bollywood movie and thought - That looks so fun, I want to dance like that? Well this is the workshop for you! This is a high energy, fun, informative, sparkling walk through everything that makes Bollywood dance what it is!

Formal Class Synopsis:
1. A fun and energetic overview of Bollywood cinematic dance. Discussing the history and origins, the music, costuming, as well as defining movies and moments that are important to the art form.
2. Classical and folk influence: We will discuss and demonstrate classical/folk dance moves that are part of the Bollywood vocabulary. Influences taken directly from Kathak, Bharatanatyam/Kuchipudi, Lavani, and Garba Raas dance. Additionally Hastak (hand-movements), postures, and foot work will also be heavily covered.

3. Drama and attitude: I will cover in detail the "moves" and attitude that make a modern Bollywood star. How to use hands, face and body to create an quintessentially Bollywood energy to your dance.

4. Let’s put it together. We will explore and learn a short choreography that highlights Bollywood from classical to modern, from North to South.

**Sparkly attire ENCOURAGED....I want you to embrace your inner Bollywood diva and to let loose and dance like you are at an Indian Wedding!!

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